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DIGITUP : Digital transformation and empowerment of SMEs

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call, prompting the European Union to prioritize innovation. To support SMEs, the EU has allocated funds for initiatives like DigitUp, which aim to facilitate their digital transformation. Recovery plans implemented by European member states focus on areas such as big data, the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity, while also promoting investment, skills training, and collaboration. DigitUp, through education and cooperation, aims to enhance the digital upskilling of SMEs by identifying in-demand skills, providing regular training, and fostering public debate on digital transformation. By embracing these efforts, SMEs can become more competitive in the global market and gain access to new technologies and opportunities.

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UPSKILL+ : Quality upskilling in agrotourism focused on sustainable innovation and experience

UPSKILL+ is a collaborative project aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial competencies in agrotourism for adult learners. The project focuses on developing a tailored training pathway through an innovative and sustainable online platform. By promoting green sustainability and social inclusion, upskill+ seeks to contribute to the recovery of the agrotourism sector and improve the employability of adults, particularly those from vulnerable groups. The project aims to create a quality training program that provides formal recognition of skills gained, benefitting participants and mentors alike. Coordinated by the City Hall of Pliego, the consortium includes partners from France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, and Cyprus. 

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GreenGenerations Project

The project GreenGenerations: tackling climate change through intergenerational learning, addresses a compelling need to enable children to take an active role in combating climate change and be poised to transform society in ways that are necessary to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. In addition, the other important project’s target group is teachers who will gain valuable tools and guidance on how to put in place environmental education practices that involve intergenerational learning with the aim to influence behavioral change both for students and their families. Thus, through innovative educational resources, teachers will be able to interact with students and local communities and have a positive impact on a more sustainable future.  The project is coordinated by Eutopique, France, in collaboration with partners from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus.


The main objective of the project "Promoting Inclusive Employment in the GLAM Sector through Open Innovation" (INCLUDED), is to create a mindset of equal access and non-discrimination for inclusive employment in the galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) sector for adults with disabilities. The long term goal is to form a more inclusive GLAM workforce through an open innovation paradigm.  This Erasmus+ project (2022-2024) is coordinated by VINCO, Austria, and brings together partners from Greece, Lithuania, Italy and Cyprus.

Education Architects : Enriching VET education through comprehensive Design Thinking tools

The primary goal of this project is to enhance VET educational offerings in the area of designing and creating educational tools and services by developing a comprehensive Design Thinking Manual for education by September 2025 within the framework of the transnational partnership.

We also hope to achieve the following goals through the implementation of this project:
1) raising awareness of the Design Thinking methodology (best practises, testing), 2) transferring and adapting the DT approach to the needs of VET education (staff training programme, multiplier events), and 3) providing a comprehensive set of DT tools for vocational training of a staff that designs and implements educational services/products (Manual with a supplement and teaching material).

The project is coordinated by Inspire Consulting, Poland, and brings together organisations from Spain, and Cyprus.

SCALE UP: Fostering women’s financing in social Entrepreneurship

The SCALEUP project aims to stimulate women's entrepreneurship in the social entrepreneurship sector through the creation of materials specifically designed to have the greatest possible impact on the target audience's difficulties in accessing finance for the specific sector and on business sustainability strategies. Furthermore, the project also aims to have an impact on VET trainers and business coaches. The course, which will be online and distance learning, will be accompanied by a set of accessory tools, useful to further increase knowledge and inspire present and future female entrepreneurs. 

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The project is coordinated by CCIS, Spain, and brings together organisations from Italy, Spain, Belgium and Lithuania.

SPACE4US - A model of blended-experiential learning for the empowerment of young women

The SPACE4US project that aims to develop and test an innovative and integrated model for the individual and collective empowerment of young women, based on blended-experiential learning activities, to foster the social inclusion of girls at risk of marginalisation. The project also aims to design and experiment new support strategies to help these girls reach their full potential. We want to improve the personal and professional skills of the youth workers involved in the project, who often lack proper pedagogical knowledge and methodologies. 

The project is coordinated by Glocal Factory, Italy, and brings together organisations from Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Poland.

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