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Research forms a fundamental part of our work at SYNTHESIS. Our strategic plan includes to establish SYNTHESIS as a European incubator for socially impactful research. Towards this end, we strive to engage in research that stems from both qualitative and quantitative approaches, informed by the latest learning theories and in line with European priorities.


Our interdisciplinary team of experts work using primarily an ecosystem framework of design thinking and bottom up approaches, such as participatory action research, co-creation and bottom up design-based research and mixed methods. 

We particularly engage in research on areas of strategic importance to Europe:

  • Social inclusion

  • Digital social innovation  

  • Migration and integration

  • Entrepreneurship (e.g. social innovation, social entrepreneurship)

  • Education and inclusion 

  • Cultural heritage and social change

  • Digital transformation

  • Green economy

  • Democratic citizenship

  • Sustainable development


Drawing on these areas, our research informs the development and work carried out in the different Units at SYNTHESIS.


Key aims of our research endeavours include: 

  • The effort to provide with effective solutions for integration and meaningful participation of underrepresented groups across different domains

  • Develop effective synergies between different stakeholders, organisations and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers 

  • Provide forward thinking and innovative research findings and how-to guides to inform policy making for the uptake of innovative practices to bridge identified research gaps in the key orientation areas mentioned above.

  • Promote sustainable development and inclusive societies, research-led, practice, across the key orientation areas mentioned above.

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