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The aim of this Unit is to empower and provide support to children and adolescents in order to better develop their skills and competences, to embrace themselves and their unique characteristics and to prepare themselves to live to the fullest of their abilities. 

Children and Adolescents

We are working primarily with children and adolescents who are at risk of early school leaving and social exclusion, whether at school or society at large (such as those from migrant background, students with hearing impairments or mild intellectual disabilities). 

We provide:

  • Assessment of learning difficulties by an accredited school psychologist 

  • Mentoring support on developing life skills, such as self esteem, creativity, emotional intelligence, etc.

  • Mentoring support for developing learning strategies in order to improve school performance and thus preventing early school leaving.

  • Special support in dealing with bullying at school 

Parents and Teachers

We support parents and teachers on how to better communicate with youth and promote a cooperative approach in the house as well as in the classroom and school. We also support teachers in dealing with diversity in the classroom (including  pupils with a migrant background) by providing training to new approaches and methods.  


We work closely with schools for promoting life skills and entrepreneurial education as well as implementing programmes for the prevention of violence, bullying and discrimination.

Contact: Ms. Golfo Kateva, School Psychologist

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