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A primary goal of our Unit is to promote social inclusion and integration by welcoming and empowering refugees, asylum seekers and people under subsidiary protection. 

We are currently a part of the PandPAS Consortium (an AMIF-funded project) through which we are carrying out a Local Action Programme which includes a set of activities and training programmes which aim to support the active participation and integration of third-country nationals.

Through the PandPAS project, we have pioneered the implementation of the "Social Cafe" which  provides third country nationals the opportunity to take part in the various workshops offered or just relax and enjoy their coffee and snacks in a social  and welcoming environment.  Both the refreshments and workshops offered are completely free.

The "Social Cafe" is now an ongoing activity which continues throughout the year receiving positive response both the local and migrant population. In 2019, in cooperation with the Foundation of European Programmes in Cyprus, we are implementing the "Social Cafe & Role Models for Empowerment” in order to empower young participants and encourage inclusion and diversity.  


Andri Kyriacou, Senior Project Manager

Irene Kampa, Cultural Mediator

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