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The work at the Higher Education (HE) Unit at SYNTHESIS, is informed by the European Commission’s Higher Education policy. We consider it fundamental to attribute great significance on Higher Education, due to its strong correlation to research and innovation, which can then lead to highly skilled human capital and job creation and prosperity.

Our goal is to establish a strong Higher Education presence, through taking up qualitative and quantitative methodologies to inform tertiary education teaching, research and policy, at local, regional, and international level. 

We consider it essential to prepare the new and future generations, through quality Higher Education that is relevant to current and emerging needs, in the context of key conceptualisations of circular economies, sustainable development and the evolution to knowmad societies

We undertake interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary activities and projects, targeted at cross-cutting priorities: gender equality, open access education, blended and distance learning, design thinking and social entrepreneurship and social innovation at a tertiary level. The different actions fall under the following principles:

  • Internalisation of Higher Education for social inclusion and equality

  • Pathways to Higher Education for underrepresented groups

  • Quality assurance in HEIs and inclusive assessment for excellence

  • Creative and sustainable synergies between HEIs and the job sector (industry/enterprises, etc.)

  • Professional development for HE staff to respond to digital transformation 

  • Instructional design and course development in HE for knowmad societies


Dr Stefania Savva

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