Consumer Behaviour Seminar

VALOR: VALORISATION OF ANCIENT FARMING TECHNIQUES IN RESILIENT AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE is founded by European Commission under the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances programme ( 2019-2022)

The increasing loss of agricultural genetic diversity has stimulated the initiative of VALOR Alliance to safeguard ancient cereal, horticultural and legume varieties. Totally 135 farmers joined a pilot network, committed themselves to safeguarding the varieties at risk of extinction and have been awarded the role of Park ‘guardian farmers’. The VALOR Alliance will jointly design curricula, an education program and common modules – including e-modules – between Alliance members from different countries, disciplines and economic sectors (public/private), and will ensure the relevance towards the needs of the labour market considered of resilient and sustainable farming, demonstratively applied in protected areas of the Parks allied within VALOR,- representing a broad segment of the target market of VALOR. 

While working remotely, XCAPE project partners continued to work intensively to develop the intellectual outputs at the proposed deadlines. 

The project website is now available in all partner languages! Feel free to explore our project website at 

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At GREEN S.E.E.D.S. distance teaching and learning is not a consequence of the global health emergency. It is the very heart of the project, instead, which was conceived and started well before the Covid-19.

The actors of GREEN S.E.E.D.S. are in fact the small decentralized schools, which have always thought of distance learning as a resource.

For this reason, GREEN S.E.E.D.S. project provides teachers with theory and tools to study, compare and put into practice paths of interaction and collaboration between pupils of isolated schools from different countries.

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Take a look on the progress made by the project BIZMIZ (Next Generation Women Technology Entrepreneurs). 

You can find the Newsletter #4 in Greek and English

In this edition you will learn more about:
• Recent progress in the Project
• The Transnational Training Event in Nicosia, Cyprus
• The fourth Transnational Partner Meeting
• The upcoming piloting and multiplier events


The BIZMIZ Consortium consists of 8 partners Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. 

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PROM PAR Newsletters are available on PROM PAR website in English, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian and Danish. 

The Newsletter includes the following information: PROM PAR and the Corona Virus; Results from the Consultation with Stakeholders,  PROM PAR Online. 

PROM-PAR (Promoting Migrants’ Democratic Participation and Integration) aims to foster democratic participation among immigrants, through civic education. Furthermore, the project seeks to foster self-confidence, democratic values, and critical thinking among the target group.

PROM PAR 2nd Newsletter is out now!

The ENI CBC Med Programme launches a new call for proposals: €11 million to finance capitalisation projects

The objective of the call for capitalisation projects is to foster the transfer, exploitation and mainstreaming of knowledge and results developed under different Euro-Mediterranean initiatives, including the ENPI/ENI CBC Med Programmes, the Union for the Mediterranean and the Interreg MED Programme.  

To learn more about SYNTHESIS contribution to the project proposal and our collaboration, please, contact 

ENI CBC MED call is open - SYNTHESIS open for ideas and collaborations

The Erasmus+ NEURO-GUIDE project is now in a more developed stage and has more to offer to the educational target groups.
In this newsletter you will learn more about:
• The recent activities of the project consortium and plans for the upcoming months
• The 4th Transnational Partner Meeting
• The Short-term Joint Staff Training Event 

NEURO-GUIDE project is growing and has more to offer | Newsletter #4

Watch "Another Land", a video documentary capturing the stories of refugees arriving in Europe. The video was produced in the framework of the project PandPAS which is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

Another Land 
The study "Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe" is available online!

The report "Social Enterprises and their Ecosystems in Europe: Cyprus" was recently published!

The report was authored by our director George Isaias with members of our team.  The Cyprus' country report was contracted to SYNTHESIS by the EURICSE/EMES consortium on behalf of the European Commission. This is another evidence of the leading role of SYNTHESIS in the development of the sector of social enterprises in Cyprus.

A Journey to the Land of Acceptance.

On the anniverary of the "International day of tolerance," you are cordially invited to a special event that will take place on 16th of November 2019, from 10:00 until 13:00, at Hub Nicosia.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to see Ms. Erika Morano’s photo exhibition “The Human forest: A journey in the Amazon."

You can also learn more about our actions and projects that foster migrants’ inclusion, taste snacks made by migrants and locals, and select handmade gifts for the festive season.

Join us!

Consumer Behaviour Seminar

SYNTHESIS is proud to announce our 1st Consumer Behaviour seminar (Greek Language), under the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The seminar will be held on the 25th of September, at Cleopatra Hotel, from 08.30-17.00 and it is funded by ANAD for all eligible employees. For more information on content, structure and fees, contact our VET Manager & seminar trainer, Irene at: 22265700 & 96204117

NEURO-GUIDE is finalising the learning resources! | Newsletter #3

NEURO-GUIDE is now entering an important phase when all the learning resources are going to be finalized and translated. For this reason partners made significant effort to ensure that everyone is familiar with their tasks and responsibilities.  

Members of the NEURO-GUIDE PROJECT met for the Third Transnational Partner Meeting on 4 th – 5 th of September 2019 in Rzeszów, Poland. 

The “Next Generation Women Technology Entrepreneurs” (BizMiz) consortium meets in Malta to discuss the development of project’s curricula

28 August 2019, Nicosia.

The partners of the BizMiz project meet at the new premises of the Maltese organisation Across Limits to plan the next steps in the implementation of the project. Particularly, the partnership discussed the learning content for the two new curricula that will be developed in the context of the BizMiz project. The partners discussed all different modules that will be included both in the Next Generation Women Technology Entrepreneurs Curriculum and the Digital & Social Media Literacy Curriculum; agreed on a particular approach; and set a timeline for the development process.


“SPREAD THE SIGN – SYRIA” is quickly progressing in the development of the online dictionaries in the Syrian, Bulgarian, Greek and Cypriot sign languages. These dictionaries and their video recordings are expected to be ready and fully operational in early 2020.

The SPREAD THE SIGN online educational tool already includes over 400,000 signs and 38 sign languages. It is constantly developing with the aim to support the integration of deaf/hearing impaired people and to provide them with equal educational opportunities.


The SPREAD THE SIGN online tool is available at

PandPAS Greek Lessons continues with great success!

21 March 2019, Nicosia.

Every Sunday,  refugees and migrants join us at the Youth Information Center of the Municipality of Aghios Dometios, for a special fast-track Greek language course, targeted to meet not only their language needs but also to promote social integration, cohesion and inclusion. We are proud to have welcomed people from so many countries, origins and backgrounds and being able to offer quality language training and a safe space where they can share freely, ask questions, and explore the cultural, social, and historical background of Cyprus. Most importantly, our PandPas Survival Greek course has established more than a group of students, it has established a circle of friends!

Neuroguide partners meet in Nicosia to plan the Online Escape Room Challenges

1 March 2019, Nicosia.

In recent months, Neuroguide partners have been intensively working on developing first online escape room challenges. Each of the partners designed a first portion of the resources. During the second Partner Meeting organised in Cyprus, partners presented their work and conducted a broad discussion and analysis of the functionality of ideas for the project's success.

Teachers of Preschools attend Training on Social Entrepreneurship

6 February 2019, Aarhus.

A specialised training took place between the 4-6th of February 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. The training introduced preschool teachers to entrepreneurial thinking mindsets and competencies.  The training was carried out in the framework of the Erasmus+ project "Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in Preschools" which runs from 2018 to 2020. The training was attended by preschool teachers from Cyprus, Italy, Germany, and Denmark.

The "Migrant Entrepreneurship for Social Inclusion" consortium meets in Sweden

3 October 2018, Kristianstad.

The partners of the "Migrant Entrepreneurship for Social Inclusion" meet at the headquarters of the Krinova Incubator and Science Park in Kristianstad, Sweden, to plan the next steps in the implementation of the project. The project which was developed by the SYNTHESIS's team, aims to equip professionals working with migrants with the skills needed to engage migrants in entrepreneurial initiatives. The consortium consists of partners from Cyprus, Italy, Germany, and Denmark.

"Migrant Women as Health Care Mentors" kick off meeting in Brno

11 October 2018
The kick-off meeting of the project "Migrant Women as Healthcare Mentors" took place in Brno, Czech Republic on 10th and 11th of October. The partners from six countries discussed in detail the outputs of the project which aim at the facilitation of access for migrant women and their children to the healthcare services of host countries. 

BizMiz partners meet in Ireland to support women entrepreneurs

19 September 2018, Virginia. 

The kick-off meeting of the project "Next Generation Women Technology Entrepreneurs" (BizMiz) took place on the 19th of September in Virginia, Ireland.  The project is based on the premise that women need bespoke entrepreneurship resources and a supportive online educational environment where they can develop their business ideas, engage with like-minded individuals, and push through the ‘glass ceiling’ that pertains in the modern economy. 

Planing the Online Escape Room Compendium:  "Neuroguide" partners meet in Helsinki

14 September 2018, Helsinki.

The kick-off meeting in the framework of the project “NEURO-GUIDE” took place in Helsinki (Finland) on the 13th-14th of September 2018. The meeting has been hosted by Hub Karelia, the Finnish partner of the project. In Helsinki, partners discussed the development of the online escape room compendium of resources in two areas: critical and creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

First Aid Language Kit for Migrants: Meeting in Lancaster, U.K.

 19 January 2018, Lancaster.

The kick-off project meeting was held on 18-19 January 2018. The partners analysed the EU document "The public health dimension of the European migrant crisis," which distinguishes 6 topics as priority medical areas for addressing migrants’ health needs; the areas will form the basis for the development of the FALK Medical Language Pyramid – the first part of the First Aid Language Kit.

SPREAD THE SIGN - SYRIA in short… | Newsletter #1

November, 2017 

The long journey has started with the kick-off meeting of the project held in Thessaloniki, Greece on 25-27 October 2017.

Read more in our first newsletter! 

“SPREAD THE SIGN – SYRIA” is a European project funded under the Erasmus+ programme for the period 2017-2020. It is implemented with the cooperation of five organisations from five different countries of Europe (Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus). 

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