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& countering of violent extremism & racicalisation

SYNTHESIS’ Counter Extremism and Radicalisation Unit aims to prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE) and radicalisation that may lead to violence and/or terrorism, and to offer in-depth education and learning on the topic by:

  • Identifying the social roots of radicalisation, extremism, and terrorism.

  • Monitoring and detecting radicalisation and indoctrination techniques for the purposes of understanding the complexity of the radicalisation process.

  • Embracing cultural pluralism for building foundations for intercultural dialogue and busting stereotypes.


SYNTHESIS’ topics of interest include:

  • Far-right / extreme radicalisation

  • Gender radicalisation

  • Islamist radicalisation

  • Online radicalisation

  • Youth radicalisation

  • Migrants and radicalisation

  • Critical thinking and media propaganda

  • Violent extremism and radicalisation that lead to terrorism

  • Racism and radicalisation



  • Project design and development

  • Research and Policy Analysis

  • Offer expertise and develop customised training courses

  • Training of first line practitioners (including government officials and private employees)  

  • Safeguarding and early detection of radicalisation in children and youth

  • Training teachers to approach extremist and radical behaviour and signs in children and youth

  • Student education and learning

  • Support and advice

  • Make publications and encourage public debate

  • Create online network


Dr Stefania Savva

Image by Justin Essah
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