George Isaias

George Isaias is the founder and executive director of the SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd and founder of Hub Nicosia. He holds a BS in Business Administration and an MA in Government and Politics from US universities. He has been the key speaker in a number of European conferences on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He provides training on entrepreneurial and business related themes. He has been involved in educational and social projects for more than twenty years and has a strong experience in the full cycle of projects, from project development to project evaluation. He is considered by many the pioneer of the social entrepreneurship movement in Cyprus, as he organised the first initiatives to promote the field of social enterprises in the country. Some of his key recommendations have formed the basis of the forthcoming legal framework as well as Cyprus' Action Plan for the development of an ecosystem of social enterprises. He is a recipient of the Stelios Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus 2013; the award is set by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of easyJet. [CV]

Dr. Christiana Papamichael

Dr. Christiana Papamichael holds a B.Sc (Hons) and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UK universities. During her studies she worked in human clinical trials which led her to pursue a career in managing all aspects of complex international clinical research in children and other vulnerable groups often in under-resourced settings. Christiana has 10 years’ experience in managing multimillion projects, strategizing and consulting on high caliber research, data management, analysis and quality assurance of academic and research of EU, UN and commercially funded projects. She has expertise in pubic engagement and capacity building activities and has facilitated the development of several research protocols, grant proposals and manuscripts. Moreover, Christiana has extensive experience in auditing, monitoring and quality assurance in large-scale European funded projects. She is mainly interested in project management, research facilitation, training individuals and organisations aiming for capacity development and integration of research methods, particularly on large scale, international projects such as those funded under the UNITAID, UK Aid and Horizon 2020.

Maria Georgiou

Maria Georgiou holds a BSc in Sociology from Panteion University in Athens, Greece and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour from CIIM in Cyprus. During her studies, she has volunteered with local NGOs to re-engage communities in facilitating re-entry among those released from prison and those that were under community supervision. Since 2012, she has been working as a Project Coordinator/Manager for EU and UN-funded projects which predominantly focus on migrant integration, entrepreneurship, democracy, promotion of dialogue, youth engagement, media literacy and global education. Maria has experience in collaborating with CSOs in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa for the implementation of international activities. Maria is a member of the Publications and Communication Committee of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association.

Golfo Kateva

Golfo Kateva is an Educational/School Psychologist and Systemic Counsellor. She provides counselling services to teachers, parents, children and youth with a migrant background, hearing impairments, learning and/or emotional difficulties. She is an expert in assessing learning difficulties and soft entrepreneurial skills. She undertakes research and develops educational material for inclusive education purposes. She has ten years of experience in managing EU projects related to social inclusion and integration of migrants and other disadvantaged groups such as people with hearing impairments. She is interested in Internet and mobile-based psychological interventions (IMIs), positive adaptation of young migrants, the development of resilience skills, and the promotion of intercultural competences to young people in schools.     

Alexandros Pavlakis

Alexandros Pavlakis studied in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. He holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from the Open University of Cyprus. His interests in healthcare include the implementation and function of the upcoming General Health System of Cyprus, the improvement of quality in healthcare and its impact on the quality of life, especially to groups at risk of social exclusion (including the ageing and migrants). He is also interested in the development of material and services that will help healthcare providers, NGOs and other pertinent organizations, utilize their assets and the country’s resources to improve the accessibility to healthcare services, the quality of health, and consequently, the quality of life to people nationwide.

Dora Heracleous

Dora Heracleous holds a BA in Modern Greek Literature, a BSc in Sociology and an MSSc in Gender Studies from Linköping University, Sweden. Dora is experienced in managing and coordinating projects which primarily focus on gender equality, social inclusion, migrant integration, sustainable development, global education, peace education and youth engagement and empowerment. She has been trained in the use of education for a culture of peace and is currently facilitating peace education workshops with Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot students across the Cyprus divide. She has also accumulated experience in quality assurance process by drafting Monitoring and Evaluation plans, designing entry and exit questionnaires and conducting in-depth interviews. Her interests include gender mainstreaming, global citizenship education, leadership for peace-making and environmental justice. Dora has extensively collaborated with youth at the grassroots level. She has been awarded the Stelios Bi-communal Cyprus Award (2018) offered by Sir Stelios-Hadjioannou Philanthropic Foundation for her feminist grassroots projects and initiatives.

Irene Kamba

Irene Kamba is the manager of SYNTHESIS’ Vocational Training Center. She is a senior trainer with more than 20 years experience both in an academic and in a corporate environment.  She holds an BA in Communication, an MA in International Mass Communication, and an MSc in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management.  She is a certified Security Instructor both in Cyprus & Greece, as well as a First Aid instructor and a languages trainer.  For the past 2 decades she has occupied several roles, both in the public & private sector, served as Senior Consultant and Advisor, and shares a deep commitment to personal and professional development.

Ioanna Athinodorou

Ioanna Athinodorou is a trained lawyer and has practiced with the Anti-Drugs Policy Unit of the European Commission’s DG Migration and Home Affairs, in Brussels and the UNHCR, in Nicosia. Ioanna has experience in security intelligence analysis and threat evaluation relating to terrorism, insurgency and military conflicts in the MENA region, and has expertise in project development, management and coordination. She holds a Bachelor degree in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, an LL.M in European Law from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and an MA in Political Science with specialisation in International Relations from the University of Cyprus. Her interests and background include human rights, racism and discrimination, social inclusion, migration, and governance and security.

Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe

Eliza holds a Bachelor Degree in Culture Management and Culture Entrepreneurship, with a thesis on “Culture Events as a Tool for Social Inclusion.” Eliza is passionate about social inclusion and social innovation. She competed in the Social Innovation Tournament (SIT) organised by the European Investment Bank in 2019.  Eliza has wide experience as a European project coordinator and training facilitator. She has implemented projects and facilitated trainings on youth empowerment, social inclusion, global education,  active global citizenship and sustainable consumption and production. Her interests are relevant to social inclusion, social innovation and entrepreneurship, design and art. She believes that the combination of art, and culture in general, together with wisely used innovations are powerful tools to raise awareness and create solutions for global challenges. Eliza's native language is Latvian. She is also fluent in English and Spanish.


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