youth & adult learning




Our work focuses on developing a combination of knowledge, values and skills which will empower youth and adults to fully engage in civic, political and economic life. This includes the acquisition of

  • Personal and interpersonal skills that can empower individuals (such as self esteem and communication)

  • Attitudes (like respect, acceptance and mutual understanding) which will allow individuals to live in diverse and intercultural societies

  • Employment and entrepreneurial skills that can help their employment situation and can be acquired through informal or non-formal settings and methodologies​                           

Our beneficiaries are primarily the people who are at risk of social exclusion, such as the NEET youth, migrants and refugees, people with disabilities, or those with fewer opportunities. 

Contact: Ms. Dora Heracleous

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education 

Tagmatarchi Pouliou 33, Nicosia 1101, Cyprus 

Tel/Fax: +357 22252315

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